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InstallAware Express provides an unsurpassed feature set, enabling you to build sophisticated installations in record time without any programming or scripting skills.

It has the following features:

MSI Customization without Complexity

InstallAware setups don't have to install any dependencies or scripting runtimes.

Still, you can completely customize your setup even if you're unfamiliar with Windows Installer.

Exclusive! Best End User Experience

Impress your users while installing with interactive Flash presentations and HTML billboards.

Choose from any of the stunning 15 pre-built setup themes.

Free Unlimited Web Updates

InstallAware Web Update works out of the box.

It looks and feels just like Windows Update - no pesky icons taking up system tray real estate, or independent browser windows that cannot be closed.

Standardized MSI Deployment

All InstallAware setups are based on the industry standard Windows Installer technology. Easily deploy your single file MSIs on corporate networks using Group Policy Deployment.

Exclusive! Fully Customizable

Nothing is hard-coded in InstallAware! You may customize every aspect of the installation user interface and setup logic, delivering installers tailored to highly specific needs.

Enhanced! Rich Command Library

InstallAware script contains a very wide selection of setup commands that perform a wide variety of installation tasks and report on the state of the target system at no effort to you.

Exclusive! Bundle Other Installations

InstallAware contains features that let you run third-party installers as an integral part of your main setup, capturing progress feedback, and letting you customize the third-party installations on-the-fly.

Multiple Editions

Choose the edition that best suits your needs! If you are on a budget, there is an InstallAware edition that does everything you need at a fraction of the cost of other installers.

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InstallAware X2 19.07

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